Together we can make a difference!

Community Action of Skagit County is a community-based, private nonprofit organization unaffiliated with any government agency. We serve in Skagit County and partner with a nationwide network of Community Action agencies established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 to move local families and communities from poverty to prosperity.

Community Action was established in Skagit County in 1979 and grew as community needs and resources were identified.  Currently, we support over 30 inter-related programs that stabilize lives and equip people to move out of poverty. We also work in collaboration with the community to create ongoing pathways to prosperity.

We group our array of services into eight areas of focus:

  • Family Stability

We believe in the power of stabilizing lives and equipping families to exit poverty.

  • Housing

We believe everyone should have a safe and affordable place to live and call home.

  • Financial Stability

We believe access to financial knowledge, affordable credit, and personal savings build a powerful bridge to prosperity.

  • Employment

We believe everyone who is able to work deserves the tools, skills, and opportunities to succeed.

  • Education and Literacy

We believe everyone deserves the education they need to succeed and thrive.

  • Health

We believe securing a family’s physical and mental health and well being is a long-term investment in individual lives, and in our community.

  • Food and Nutrition

We believe everyone should have access to enough healthy, nutritious food to thrive at school, work, and home.

  • Community Engagement and Volunteerism

We believe in the power of neighbor helping neighbor, and working together to create paths to prosperity. 

While providing direct services through programming designed in conjunction with our Community Needs Assessment is Community Actions’s main activity, networking and coordinating with other providers, government, and various private and public organizations to promote services is equally important. Partnerships with private and public associations such as the local Skagit County Bar Association, Skagit Valley College, faith-based organizations, multiple common cause nonprofits like United Way, are key to leveraging additional resources that, in turn, increase the level of services for low-income persons.


Responding to the Community

We know that it takes a community to address community issues. By supporting Community Action, you can align your philanthropic goals and your family’s values for the betterment of our community. Our vision is that everyone in Skagit County has the opportunity to be safe, healthy, and successful.

For those struggling for stability, Community Action is our community’s largest safety net.  We provide for critical needs, teach basic, transferable skills and open doors to opportunities that help people move beyond crisis and toward an independent, stable and prosperous life.


Take Action!

There are several ways you can become involved in making this community better. Here are a few we suggest:

Learn. Presentations, discussions and poverty simulations help community groups understand local poverty and what each of us can do to help end it.Call 360.588.5719

Volunteer. From working one on one with families as they move out of poverty, to helping with events, there’s an opportunity for everyone.

Participate in Community Action events, including Have a Heart Run (May), Take a Bite for Skagit (May), Project Homeless Connect (Sept), and Spirit of Hope Breakfast (Oct). Call Community Action 360.416.7585

Give. Investing in Community Action builds a stable, thriving community for all of us.

Donate. A tax deductible gift is your best local investment in fighting poverty.
Engage your company. Corporate sponsorships and employee volunteer programs put your company on the ground floor of working for a just and caring community.
Leave a legacy to your community through an endowment gift to Community Action.

Call our Development Manager at 360.588.5737 or